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ARCHER FARMS, INC. is a nationally accredited Specific Pathogen-Free swine herd that consists of 140 purebred Yorkshire females. The original breeding stock came from a primary SPF herd in the Midwest. ARCHER FARMS, INC. is a closed-herd that is housed in a shower-in/shower-out facility that is designed for “all-in/all-out” management.

The policy in our operation is that swine that leave our facility NEVER return to the facility. Our trucks are cleaned and disinfected after deliveries. All deliveries are made by ARCHER FARMS, INC. approved drivers in our climate-controlled vehicles. Site visitation is very limited. All visitors must be away from any other swine for at least a week and must shower in and wear our disposable clothes. Biosecurity in our facility is strictly enforced!

This herd is negative for Psedorabies, Brucellosis, PRRS and SIV. The herd is currently vaccinated for Lepto, Erysipelas and Parvovirus with a product called Breed Sow-7 manufactured by AgriLabs. Gilts are vaccinated with Breed Sow-7 two times pre-breeding, and sows are vaccinated with Breed Sow-7 one time post weaning. Intestinal worms are currently monitored, and worming is done on an “as needed” basis with Ivomec. Swine at ARCHER FARMS, INC. are monitored for Atrophic Rhinitis, Penumonia, Swine Dysentery, lice, mange, SIV and PCV. Slaughter checks and blood testing are done every 90 dsys with a minimum of ten pigs per slaughter check. Antibiotics are never used in the feeding program.

Sows farrow in pens that have coated wire flooring. These farrowing rooms are cleaned and disinfected prior to farrowing. The baby pigs are processed at 3-5 days of age. At this time,processing includes needle teeth clipping, iron shots, ear notching and castration. The young pigs are weaned at 3-4 weeks of age and moved to clean and disinfected nursery rooms. These nursery rooms have a coated wire flooring to allow for maximum comfort.

Our breeding schedule at ARCHER FARMS, INC. allows for 5-8 sows to farrow per week. This makes for a continuous year-round supply of pigs from newborn to 80 lbs. We can accommodate larger pigs and time-dated females. We have been supplying research animals for the past 20 years to many facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia and Massachusetts.

- USDA licensed
- SPF accredited
- AALAS member

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