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We are a producer of high quality Dorset sheep and blood for use in the medical research industry. Our operation consists of approximately 225 ewes. We produce replacement females and every two to three years purchase rams to introduce new bloodlines.

We have been Q-fever testing our sheep for the past 12 years. Our testing has been conducted at the University of Maryland, University of California - Davis and Texas Veterinary Medcial Diagnostic Lab. We routinely test sheep on a as-needed basis and test any new additions upon arrival to Archer Farms. These new sheep are quarantined for 60 days on another farm. We maintain a closed flock to avoid any additions. Our flock has been negative for Q-fever for the past 12 years. Sheep are vaccinated for ORF, Clostridium Perfringes Types C and D, and Tetanus annually.

Once a sheep leaves, having been exposed to outside contaminates, it will never return to our farm. Our trucks are cleaned and disinfected after each delivery. Farm visitations are very limited. Biosecurity is strictly enforced.

Due to our strict policies, we are able to produce healthy animals without the use of antibiotics in the feed at Archer Farms. Our worming program is three times per year using Ivomec, Tramisol and Valbazen. Implementation of a rotational grazing program helps control parasites.

Sheep breeding in July and August is most difficult for breeders, but at Archer Farms, Inc. we are structured for year-round lambing. (This is facilitated by the use of only Dorset sheep.) Most of our lambing is outside and unassisted. Barns are available to bring in late gestating ewes and newborns during inclement weather. Lambs are vaccinated for Clostridium Perfringes Types C and D and Tetanus. Lambs are tagged, docked and castrated at three to five days of age. Weaning occurs at fifty to sixty days of age. At weaning time lambs are vaccinated for a second time for Clostridium Perfringes Types C and D and Tetanus. Sheep are shorn once per year in early spring, and feet are trimmed twice per year.

All deliveries are made by ARCHER FARMS, INC. approved drivers in our climate-controlled vehicles, ensuring quality of product and service from beginning to end. Our track record for providing the right animal at the right time has earned us a reputation among our clients for unsurpassed excellence.

Thank you again for your interest in our operation. We hope we will have the opportunity to fulfill your lab-animal needs and look forward to hearing from you again!

- USDA licensed
- AALAS member

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